We invite you to join us for a plant inspired feast hosted at our lovely home in the Perth Hills (until we can secure a more permanent site). The WIld Gaia Tea House, wherever possible, sources local spray free or organic produce to lovingly prepare our delicious vegan food. Our tea house is a child friendly, community space with a relaxed atmosphere.

Exchange for the event is $60 per person. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL for catering purposes. The Wild Gaia Tea House seating is generally shared. Please let us know if you are booking for a group. Please also know this is an alcohol free event. For further information please call Di on 0411 444 669.

Wild Gaia Light Nutrition jams, cultured foods, spices and more are available on the day to purchase.

The Wild Gaia Tea House Story

It is here! My dream to have a Tea House like the one I often visited in India when I was a child. Everything about that little shop made me feel like I was somewhere special, in another time and place. I felt special just being there. The colourful fabrics that draped down the walls, the iconic pictures and statues of Indian deities, the blended aromas of incense and spices, songs from Bollywood playing in the background, walls lined with shelves displaying a variety of kitchen utensils and spices; all of this cradled me into an inner journey of satisfaction, comfort and belonging.

I would sit inside my little Indian tea shop sipping my chai and eating my samosa or some other savoury delicious Indian snack without ever feeling the need to leave. I loved watching the chai wala make his tea. It was a mesmerising performance undertaken by an artist, who was highly skilled in his craft. I never got tired of seeing, what I call, the tea stretching magic. The pouring of the tea from one cup into the other, stretching the distance between the cups and making it look as if he, was stretching the chai like you would an elastic band.

The Wild Gaia Tea House, though not quite the same in appearance as my childhood memory of that little tea shop in India, it still aims to cradle our guests into a journey of comfort, belonging, fun and satisfaction. There will be plenty of delicious vegan foods to feast on while sipping on some of our favourite herbal teas and fruit drinks.

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