Divine Resonance Community

How it all started

A few years ago we tuned into the messages coming from Gaia (the sentience of planet earth). We had always been close to the natural environment but Gaia's teachings took us deeper and helped us uncover a more expansive understanding of ourselves and our relationship with the earth. Then last year we were guided to start Gaian Heart Wisdom as a platform on which to pass on her teachings. Today were run an apprenticeship called Divine Resonance providing weekly classes channel by Gaia.

About Divine Resonance

Gaia refers to all human beings as Gaian as our bodies are birthed from the elements found on the earth. In her teachings she defines the natural laws that govern the universe and explains how to integrate them into your human self. From her Gaian library she guides you through her creation story and how and why human beings exist.

Divine Resonance is simply a means of finding harmony with all the beliefs that make up the human being. A process of accumulating knowledge and discerning what we consciously want to keep in our evolution from "homo sapiens" to "homo luminous" or light beings.

How we hope to develop as a community?

From Gaia's teachings and through our Divine Resonance work we hope to set up an intentional community that can grow and create together. Eventually we hope to secure some land to bring those of who desire together in live in a life sanctuary.   

If you would like to know more about the Divine Resonance Apprenticeship or more about our communty please email through our contact page.